Stephen G Woo Photography

I am Stephen Gurie Woo, an experienced professional photographer and film director based in Toronto, Canada.

The camera is my heart and soul.
It is the organ that gives me life.
I capture moments more than I eat
I ready my camera more than I breathe
Photography is my passion.
Photography is my life.

I strive to improve. I take pride in my work, but never satisfaction. Comments and criticism help and allow me to improve. After 30+ years of photography, my journey begins now. I wish to pursue the world. And then, more.

“The Earth is so small; but our world is so big.”
Today, it takes only hours to travel around the globe, but it takes thousands of years to understand just a tiny bit of the world.

I wish to meet more people from all walks of life in this big world to build the milestones of my journey. Kindly leave me your comments. Thank you for your generosity.

Stephen Gurie Woo 胡斯翰
Toronto, Canada


Stephen G Woo Photography